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Honoring Heritage through

Generational Integration 

Intercultural Arts and Cultural Integrity

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 Explore a multi-perspective world view through:

Culture, Art and Foreign Languages


Multicultural Art

Multicultural art expands on specific pieces of creativity that expresses the essence of a certain cultural theme.


Multicultural Music

According to Warren, 1970; Agawu, 2003, multicultural music enables people to personally grow and develop socially; they develop an understanding cross-culturally, and in essence, they learn not only their own cultural norms, but they also learn the practices, obligations, and responsibilities of other cultures. 



Multicultural Theatre

"Multicultural Theatre" includes playwrights writing from many different traditions and cultures.

At 7Generations Forward Project... we believe each of us has an authentic inner voice that can bring 

prosperity into our future and our present. 

We know we grow through honoring our unique cultural qualities especially when our integrity is our light and our generational integration is our beacon.  


These 'spaces' are where the ordinary becomes mutable.  Where 'place' becomes a "place mark"  requiring presence to shift time and move into to a rhythm unattainable to the awe struck, grab-n-go paradigm that is embedded into the social clock.

Our journey on this earth is not ours alone. 

It is the sharing of our air, water and radiant foods, land, expression and conversations that

truly make each individual whole and, well, us.

Our earth and our generations, 7 back and 7 forward, is forever linked.

We know when pollution dumped upstream harms those who live downstream.

We see how toxic ideas are planted our offspring inherit the sepsis mind.

We experience how our seeds are violated before they have a chance to sprout.

We choose to do better.  We are the stable, strong,  compassionate and aware generation who truly care about our people and life on our earth.


Our next steps are crucial to reclaiming our heritage and we must walk as one, intrinsically into prosperity.

This is our journey, 7Generations Forward.


Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly


Specialty Workshops

Multicultural Art, Music, Foreign Language and Cultural Studies

the Writer's Zone

Are there times you wished you had a word warrior, exceptional listener, an honest critic or

maybe you just need a writer's tonic ? 

At the Writers' Zone, anything is possible.

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