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Our Story

7Generations Forward Project is a youth to elder intercultural arts center inspired through passion, love and strength for our next generation/life. 
By weaving together the wisdom of our elders and the creativity and spontaneity of our youth, we can strengthen the ability of all generations to continue building a better tomorrow.

7Generations Froward Project
Intercultural Arts and Cultural Integrity

Find a Need and Fill it

Being a parent and mother, the inspiration of the project, we feel responsible for leaving a better world for our youth, and our generations to come. 

There is a need to take action for the world that we have thus far created, and look at ways to leave it better than how we came into it. 

This requires us to think out of the box by providing a well balanced appreciation for all life and all that is in it.  Help our youth understand how precious life is and the brilliant power that is held in its potential.  

Through the knowledge and wisdoms of our elders we can insure inspiration and hope for a new tomorrow.

Our Mission

Blend together the wisdoms of our elders, the creativity and spontaneity of our youth to reclaim our health of mind, spirit, and body for a future that grows from resilience into viability for all. 

Weave our generations together through authentic communication and experiences. 

Enrich and empower people’s lives around the world along with our own local communities through mediums such as art, culture, special interests, and collaboration. 

Our Vision

To directly impact the hearts and wellbeing of all the people of this earth by bringing joy, beauty, art and brilliance into their lives as we go beyond the challenges we face.  

Artwork by Marvin Jonason

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