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Code of Conduct

At 7Generations Forward Project, we believe each of us has an authentic inner voice and honoring our unique  cultural qualities through generational integration is intrinsically tied to a prosperous life for all.

Our journey on this earth is not ours alone. 
It is the sharing of our air, water, land, expression and conversations that truly make each individual whole and, well us.
These are the 'spaces' where the ordinary becomes mutable. 
A place where time moves into to a rhythm of unattainable  by the social clock theory.

  1. Be Kind.  Negativity does not help anyone.  Ranting and Raging doesn’t solve anything nor help any situation.  

  2. Be respectful to other members, to our facilitators, to the shared space and to our environment.

  3. Create and honor an individual's 'private space' or need for 'personal space.'

  4. Use your common sense.

  5. Share what you know and your information so each individual can make their own conscious/intelligent choices.

  6. Be aware of your choices and how they affect you, others and our shared spaces and our environment.

  7. We are all on this earth together experiencing the joys and the struggles.  Let's show compassion to each other and offer nothing less than our brilliance in every moment.

Artwork by Marvin Jonason

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