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Dave Brown is a true Cowboy and Indian all wrapped into one.


He is a descendant of the Kie Kagabs of the Ojibwe Nation of Michigan.  His Ojibwe name is Miskwaa Amik meaning Red Beaver.  His parents  both had Ojibwe blood and were from Alma Michigan, the state in which the Ojibwe settled in after migrating down from Canada.

After leaving Michigan, Dave's  parents moved to Colorado raised Dave and seven siblings in Fort Collins where they worked cattle and spent their days riding horses.  Eventually, Dave went into the rodeo riding bareback broncos and bulls.  He became a professional rider then one day the bull chose the fate for Dave, the cowboy.  He was injured.  No longer able to ride Dave found his way back to his heritage, the Ojibwe.

Dave Brown spent three years living with his people, the Ojibwe, learning his craft, language, the Ojibwe ways and their stories.  Chief White Cloud held a ceremony for Miskwaa Amik (Dave Brown) to bring him back into the tribe after many of his people had lost their ways following the displacement brought on by the whites segregation the Native People. 

Today, Dave spends his time sharing the history, language, craft and story sparking interest and fostering honor for the Ojibwe heritage.

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