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Some unique and great things that are taught along with foundational and detailed breathing and movement synchronization of key movements that naturally brings about harnessing energy flow naturally.  This is rare since most classes are just visually following a teacher without any of the detailed hands on feedback.  This is true for master yoga teachers as well that I've come across and breathing with motion is one of the key pieces for good yoginis, so what we learn can be passed to yoga and just daily living in stressful situations and to get energized (especially if you're a desk jockey like me).
My mom who has decades of practice and exposure to tai chi/ chi gung says this is the sign of a true master teaching.  I able to feel much more grounded and energized from the practice and don't have to be on a mat to get the benefits of it and can practice it anywhere.
   ~ Larry Wang, Student 

Dao Moving Meditations

and Internal Alchemy

Thursday Evenings | 7:15 - 8:15

In Person & Online

8 years of age and up

Dao Moving Meditations combines the ancient techniques of tai chi, qi gong, Dao yin, meditation and internal alchemy into a fluid Dao Moving Meditation for vitality, stress management and overall health and wellness.  With the foundation of the movements exercised to be incorporated into our daily lives, we can adapt these ancient techniques into our modern world.  Come and enjoy and relax with some meditation, gain strength and flexibility through movement and see how these techniques apply to our current way of life for optimum health and well-being.  Each class is a little different in both structure and materials covered, and is open to all persons regardless of your experience level.

$40 for 4 weeks

$80 for 8 weeks

Phone or Text Samalita at (415) 525-6272

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