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Weekly Schedule

Any  questions regarding classes:

Connect with Coach Sam

(415) 525-6272

for Sabre Fencing and Dao Meditation

For all Dance Classes and Rehearsals:

Fall Schedule begins 

August 2, 2023

Connect with Tamara Lynn 

for pre-professional/professional classes, performance opportunities interest in performance arts and performing. 


place your interest in the subject field.


Classes run on a 4 week memberships cycle
Begin Anytime for your 4 week cycle
Go to Weekly Calendar 

Purchasing 24 hours prior to class beginning.

After your purchase an email will be sent to you.  
Thank You.

Please look at our Announcements page for Updates and 'Black Out' Days
(may vary between instructors ~ talk with them directly)

Variations to 4 week membership classes
 6 week Beginner Sabre Fencing

Below is the weekly schedule and description of each class.

First Time Students may receive a complimentary first class.
Please contact the instructor through their
personal email at the bottom of their class overview 

through our Contact Page with instructor's
name in the subject field along with your inquiry.

Other classes may offer a discount for first time students.

New Student Assessment from an instructor is necessary for
Intermediate and Advanced classes and
Comprehensive Dance Program with
Tamara Lynn. 

Refund Policy

Participants agreements to ensure our environment is healthy and safe for all.

1) Personal Spacing ~ Respecting those around you by honoring their 'bubble space'
2) Protective facial wear when appropriate
3) Sharing of information regarding the importance of sustaining clean spaces, hands, and items
4) Maintaining a well ventilated space
5) Implementation of these above essentials to maintain a healthy safe environment so we all can flourish

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Must be paid 24 hours prior to starting class unless other arrangements have been made.


10:30am - 11:30am (TBA)

Hip Hop 

with Rita Corey

4:15pm - 5:30pm  

Keytra Asandi Ballet ~ Contemporary and Classical Intermediate.


Pointe Technique must be Intermediate level or above. 18 years and up (exceptions may apply) 

with Tamara Lynn, International Dance Council CID 

6:45pm - 8:45pm

Company Rehearsal Keytra Asandi Contemporary Ballet & MoShen Contemporary Dance 

and BluepringA Performance Group


4:15pm - 5:30pm

Keytra Asandi Contemporary and Classical Ballet Integration  Intermediate

(focused on performance with a professional direction)

with Tamara Lynn, International Dance Council CID 


Pointe Technique must be Intermediate level or above. 18 years and up (exceptions may apply) 

with Tamara Lynn, International Dance Council CID 


4:30pm - 6:00pm

Keytra Asandi Ballet ~ Contemporary and Classical  Inter/Adv

(focus on performance with a professional direction)


Pointe Technique must be Intermediate level or above. 18 years and up (exceptions may apply) 

with Tamara Lynn, International Dance Council CID 


6:00pm - 7:00pm

MoShen Contemporary Dance Technique, Contact/Improv & Choreography

Inter/Adv ~ Including Floor Work, Jumps, Turns and Leaps (focused on performance with a professional direction)  18 years and up (exceptions may apply) 

with Tamara Lynn, International Dance Council CID 


7:00pm - 8:00pm

Company Rehearsal Keytra Asandi Contemporary Ballet & MoShen Contemporary Dance 

and BluepringA Performance Group


4:30pm - 5:30pm  

Beginner Sabre Fencing 6 week membership.

Next 6 week session starts April 27, 2023

with Sam

5:30pm - 6:45/7:00pm  

Intermediate Sabre Fencing

with Sam

7:15pm - 8:15pm 

Dao Moving Meditation (Qi Gong/Tai Chi)

with Sam


4:30pm - 6:00pm

Keytra Asandi Ballet ~ Contemporary and Classical  Inter/Adv

(focus on performance with a professional direction)


Pointe Technique must be Intermediate level or above. 18 years and up (exceptions may apply) 

with Tamara Lynn, International Dance Council CID 


9:30am - !0:30am

Performance Group  Ballet and contemporary style technique with set choreography.  (TBA)

with Rita Corey


 Class Overview, Days, Times and Purchase

Keytra Asandi Contemporary Ballet
Tamara Lynn's Classes

Keytra Asandi 

Ballet ~ Contemporary and Classical and Pointe
Classes for pre-professional and professional performers


4:15pm - 5:30pm



4:15pm - 5:30pm




4:30pm - 6:00pm






4:30pm - 6:00pm


By specifically integrating classical technique with contemporary ballet, dancers are able to increase their understanding on how technique is applied.

Progressive Combinations formatted with a modified traditional class layout ie. barre/centre barre, center, allegro (petit and grande), Adagio and Pointe.  Integral Yoga at the end of each class in complimenting  a path to maintain stretch, eliminate injuries and nurture balance.

(this class is designed to be focused on performance with a professional direction)  

Keytra Asandi Contemporary Ballet with Classical Integration is a class where technical styles are integrated and authenticity is revered.  Vaganova Method, Chechetti Science and Balanchine Ballet provide the foundation for further movement theory to be explored and developed.


The phrase I like to use to define my technical class composition is:

Structure compelled to support while releasing impeding confinements.  'We find freedom through a discipline and ourselves through releasing our attachments and letting go.'  

Barre/Centre Barre, Centre work, Adagio, Petite Allegro and Grand Allegro 

Vaganova's syllabus builds on a carefully developed progression in which the "basic" or "preparatory" forms are mastered before the dancer moves on to more difficult forms. This can be understood as a codified technical approach when taught by qualified teachers following the syllabus closely. The syllabus is founded upon the idea that when a dancer is introduced to a step, he or she will have developed the correct strength in foundation in order for their steps and movements to be successful. It is understood that this strength-building requires time and consistent hard work.

“The Cecchetti system is professional, logical and its technical demands are totally revealing. (its) ports de bras are known far and wide for their simplicity, purity of line and their sheer beauty.” — excerpt from Miss O: My Life in Dance by kind permission of Betty Oliphant, C.C., LL. D., D.Litt., F.I.S.T.D. (C.S.B., S.B.), Co-founder and former Artistic Director and Principal of the National Ballet School of Canada.

Balanchine Ballet "neoclassical style".

During Balanchine's career as a choreographer, Balanchine was known for his expressive nature coupled with his musicality and passion for working with brilliant leading composers.  

$108   1 Intermediate 1.25 hours per week


$119   1 Inter/Adv 1.50 hours per week 

$185   2 Intermediate classes 2.5 hours per week 

$198   1 Intermediate  & 1 Inter/Adv 2.75 hours per week 

$210   2 Inter/Adv 3 hours per week 

$252   Any 3 classes mix n match 4 - 4.25 hours per week

$300   4 classes 5.5 hours per week

Drop In $25 - $30

MoShen Contemporary Dance Class
with Contact Improvisation & Choreography

including Floor Work, Leaps, Jumps and Turns.

Classes for pre-professional and professional performers


6:00pm - 7:00pm

with Tamara Lynn

Somatics being the inner context for purposeful movement, dancers explore contact/Improv, movement composition supported by Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals integrated with contemporary dance and Choreography by Tamara Lynn and the student (if interested in choreographing).

Movement Philosophies go far beyond simple entertainment into a form of communication and expression.

Designed for pre-professional and professionally performers and dancers.

 4 week membership  $75  

Drop In $20

Moshen Contemporary Dance
Keytra Asandi CBC  Contemporary Ballet Company &
MoShen CD Contemporary Dance Company
with a touch of 

Artistic Director and Instructor Tamara Lynn

Single Class $20

4 Classes $60

May include spoken word/poetry and/or original scripts primarily comprised of theatrical and performance art modes woven into an artistically seamless performance.  

All performance material are formed from original meaningful content.

Performances will be presented on various platforms.  Participant have the opportunity to build their artistic portfolio.

 Performance Art
Company Rehearsals
Keytra Asandi and MoShen 

Company Performances & Rehearsals

Monday 6:45pm  - 8:45pm
Wednesday 6:45pm - 8:45pm 

Pre-Professional and Professionals only.
As company member you have:

Multiple options for performing and being paid.
Option to  be include when original works are presented on
an International Platform.

Performances will be presented on various platforms.

Artistic Principal Director
Tamara Lynn, International Dance Council CID 




Contemporary Dance

Integrated Yoga

Classicaal Ballet

Contemporary Ballet

Contact & Improv

 $65 - $85 per session

Contact me to setup a time

Private Classes with Tamara Lynn
Dao Meditation
Dao Moving Meditations at Lands End.jpg
Some unique and great things that are taught along with foundational and detailed breathing and movement synchronization of key movements that naturally brings about harnessing energy flow naturally.  This is rare since most classes are just visually following a teacher without any of the detailed hands on feedback.  This is true for master yoga teachers as well that I've come across and breathing with motion is one of the key pieces for good yoginis, so what we learn can be passed to yoga and just daily living in stressful situations and to get energized (especially if you're a desk jockey like me).
My mom who has decades of practice and exposure to tai chi/ chi gung says this is the sign of a true master teaching.  I able to feel much more grounded and energized from the practice and don't have to be on a mat to get the benefits of it and can practice it anywhere.
   ~ Larry Wang, Student 

Dao Moving Meditations
and Internal Alchemy

Thursday Evenings | 7:15 - 8:15

In Person & Online

8 years of age and up

Dao Moving Meditations combines the ancient techniques of tai chi, qi gong, Dao yin, meditation and internal alchemy into a fluid Dao Moving Meditation for vitality, stress management and overall health and wellness.  With the foundation of the movements exercised to be incorporated into our daily lives, we can adapt these ancient techniques into our modern world.  Come and enjoy and relax with some meditation, gain strength and flexibility through movement and see how these techniques apply to our current way of life for optimum health and well-being.  Each class is a little different in both structure and materials covered, and is open to all persons regardless of your experience level.

$40 for 4 weeks

$80 for 8 weeks

Phone or Text Samalita at (415) 525-6272


Hip Hop
with Rita Corey

Come pick up some dance moves, get some exercise and meet new friends in beginning Hip Hop ages 12 though Adult. Learn old school and new school hip hop including tutting, breaking and fun choreography.  Starting with a nice warmup of fun moves, conditioning and stretching hip hop style followed by choreography.  Possible opportunities to perform as well.  Come move with us!


Mondays 10:30 - 11:30am


$65 / 4 classes

$18 for a single class


$65 for Private sessions One Hour


Contact Rita at:

for scheduling the day and time for your private session.

Performance Group
with Rita Corey

This class is a mix of ballet and contemporary style technique with set choreography to be performed in upcoming shows.


All levels welcome.  It is not necessary to perform.

Ages 15 years and up.


9:30am - 10:30am



Drop in $20 dollars
4 weeks $70 dollars


Hip Hop
Rita Corey
Performance Group with Rita

"A Plethora of artistry that range from light hearted to comedic to solemn, ethereal and especially surrealistic." 


~ Calvin Cotton, Graphic Designer

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