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Artistic Director, Choreographer, Performer and Instructor


Tamara Lynn Jonason, International Dance Council CID 

As a young ballerina in her early teens Tamara Lynn performed with the Colorado Ballet Company, Red River Dance & Performing Company, under the Artistic Direction of Cathy and Eddie Gasper (Legendary Eddie Gasper, who was Bob Fosse's assistant for over a decade in New York).  At  sixteen, she was Soloist for the opera Magic Flute, Fargo/Moorhead Minnesota Civic Opera.  During her career TamaraLynn danced with Ballet Arizona under the Artistic Direction of Jean Paul Comelin, she performed as Soloist for four years with Opendance Progressive Ballet Company under the Artistic Direction of Michelle Ceballos Michot  from Thalia Mara’s National Academy of Ballet, School of American Ballet, ABT, the Joffrey Ballet Schooland, Royal Ballet School in London, Royal Ballet Academy.  While in Phoenix during the late 1980's Tamara Lynn   directly trained, worked and lived with Irina Dolgova from the Vaganova Academy Mariinsky Ballet Saint Petersburg/Leningrad Russia.



As an artist, ballerina, choreographer, performer, educator and visionary Tamara Lynn has produced and directed, choreographed and performed full length original productions:  Renewal, The Calling, Gwinna (premiere of a new ballet she adapted from Barbra Helen Bergers children’s book), House of Symphonies, Paradigm, New Perspectives, Galactic Butterfly, Awaken, Reconnection, CoreAge in the Deep, Plant Speaks and Cosmic Key to name a few.  TamaraLynn has been teaching and choreographing for over thirty-eight years.


Enthios Art Venue is a powerful landmark in Tamara Lynn’s career.  She, being the Founder and Artistic Director, cultivated art, integrated education and art, inspired fun through workshops, productions, music, dance and theatre.   Tamara Lynn curated art shows for internationally recognized artists, offered after school programs and hosted international and national events.  It is proclaimed by many, “What Enthios Art Venue brought to the community had a way of bringing everyone together in such a way that leaves a nostalgic hum in your heart.” In 2004 she founded Mosaic Trio Progressive Ballet Company, now Keytra Asandi CBC (Contemporary Ballet Company).  She has worked with Maestro Thomas Chun-yu Chen an internationally renowned conductor, violinist, composer, and string instruments maker from China in the CICA International Music Festival here in the states. Tamara Lynn had the unique opportunity to study, film and work with iconic international composer, conductor, accomplished author and artist Christopher Lantz (created the first acoustical physics program at Stanford University currently, he resides at his home, the House of Symphonies.


Tamara Lynn has acted since she was 11 years old in a variety of musicals, one women shows and plays throughout her life.   Tamara Lynn studied, trained and performed with Actors Workout in Phoenix, Arizona with Director Mary L. Daisy who trained with John Gielgud in New York, New York.  With her father being a director, and designer, Tamara Lynn has lived the theatre and production life her whole life and is inspired to share her wide variety of acquired skill and talent to enrich those around her.


Being a musician and vocalist, herself, her years of working with classical and contemporary musicians has instilled a profound understanding of music theory into her performances, choreography, productions and instruction.  Dance is in her every movement.  Even during simple conversations, you witness her musical nature in motion.  Tamara Lynn is an unforgettable experience.  Her performances and productions move your soul and warm your heart.  The viewer experiences an array of considerations that follow them out of the performance venue.  An awakening will call you into contemplation.  Inspiration inevitably finds you.



Tamara Lynn, Owner and Principal Artistic Director of  Love Performing Arts Center (LPAC) is a place to perform, create and learn for young artist, professional artists and community members.  In addition to performance, Love Performing Arts Center offers casual instruction and professional training in Ballet, Sabre Fencing, Yoga, Dao Meditation, Contemporary Dance, Jazz/Modern, Fringe Theatre.


Currently, Tamara Lynn cares for her daughter, Natasha, after tragic medical mistake left her paralyzed over ten year ago.  "Natasha is my 'Wisdom On Wheels'Mentor," is how Tamara Lynn refers to her daughter.  "Natasha shows me a new perspective through sharing profound insights every time we are together.  Life can turn on us in strange and unpredictable ways.  But no matter how devastating it can be, it is love, kindness, patience, adaptation and perseverance that can help you find your center.  That is what Natasha teaches me,"  Tamara Lynn    shares with a steadfast conviction.


Our need to grow, share and design better systems is the soil for a viable future.  Now is the time to remember how being stewards of our earth as compassionate and intelligent beings are the only seeds that truly prosper.”  Grateful to call Loveland her home, her heart is rooted in making the world a better place.  Tamara Lynn claims, "that is what the ground where it all begins, with you, the parents, the artists, the professionals, and our community."  

Tamara Lynn's Bio
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