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Performance Companies

Premiere in Colorado

August & September 2024

Time and Date TBA

Keytra Asandi CBC

Showcasing in the Emmeleia World Festival at the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre,  Athens, Greece September 2024

International Dance Council CID 

BlueprintA Performance Art molds together interpretive themes, striking presentations with an artistic deliverance into mini productions guaranteed an experience that is eccentric, out of the ordinary  diverse and bursting with authenticity.

Keytra Asandi Contemporary Ballet Company performs 10 minute to 30 minute mini productions.  Artistic Director,  and Visionary, Tamara Lynn creates shows specifically designed with meaningful content.    

Life is short.

Give yourself an unforgettable experience that can be remembered for a lifetime.


Keytra Asandi

in MoShen

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Keytra Asandi
Contemporary Ballet Company

Anam Cara




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