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Free Classes

~ Our Elders ~

Let the Story Be Told

No longer can we wait for a company, a corporation or someone else to be the link between our younger generation and Our Elders. 

It is us.  It is you and me.  It is time. 

If you are ready to heal the gap between our generations with purpose and heart.


Click the RSVP button in the box below and realize how important we are

to each other. 


Let's share some time together. 

Play a song from your past,

a piece of music that has had significance in your life, pour a cup of tea or coffee,

share an impactful life

experience/memory and

we will document into a compilation

with the purpose of

weaving our generations together.


Meets the 2rd Saturday of every month

10:30am - 11:30am

Spring Season Beginning on April 2024

Complimentary  ~ No Cost ~ Please RSVP

Place: Let the Story be Told in message section

Coffee or Tea and a Story

Nurturing time with our Elders

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