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Participant Agreement

Refunds Policy
Love Performing Arts Center (LPAC) will not be offering refunds at this time. If you are unable to be present for the class or have missed a class for illness or personal matters, she/he may speak with the Instructor for other options.  If weather conditions prevent travel you are welcome to attend another class and must be made with in your4week membership cycle. 
NOTE: Refund Policy for Sabre Fencing may vary.  Please contact your instructor.

In the event an Instructor becomes unable to teach a pursuant to this Agreement by reason of illness, incapacity or death and no replacement is available or any reasonable circumstance outside and beyond the control of an Instructor and LPAC the Student Membership Fee will be reimbursed or pro-rated and paid to participant within 14 days following the occurrence.

Additional Payment Information
Note: If you save your card on file when purchasing, it will automatically be billed every 4 weeks. If you would like to receive and invoice 7 days before your membership expires and pay it manually, simply do not choose the option to store your card on file.

Were ask parents/guardians/students to make their instructors aware of any and all health concerns that could be of issue in class, 

such as: injuries, allergies, and medical disabilities.
We ask that students only use their phone during class times if absolutely necessary or important family needs that require immediate attention.
Other Considerations
Clothing must be appropriate for full range movement and consistent with class needs and style. If unsure communicate with your instructor for clarifications.

Showing up 5 mins before class is encouraged and offers a clear start and end time for the Instructor and the participants. Sitting and breathing during those 5 minutes is even better and prepares you to be present before class begins. Being present, clear and ready to begin offers reverence to your instructor, yourself, other participants.

Thank You!

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