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Announcements, Updates & Changes 

Currently our

 Sabre Fencing

is at:


the VFW

305 North Cleveland Avenue Loveland, CO 80537


Please contact your instructor for any questions.


Connect with Coach Sam (415) 525-6272

for Sabre Fencing and Dao Meditation

Connect with Tamara Lynn 

for pre-professional/professional classes, live shows, artist collaboration, interest in  performance arts and performing.  Email: and put your interest in the subject field.

For all Dance Classes and Rehearsals:

Fall Schedule begins 

August 2, 2023

Our Calendar

Events, Workshops

Please Remember to communicate when interested in:

Any Outreach, Event, Show, Class or Workshop 24 hours in advanced.

  Either RSVP, make payment through our website, communication via our contact form or send a direct email to specific instructor is necessary to confirm your place is reserved

and/or space/time/class(s) are available.

  Thank You.

Black Out LPAC Dates 


Exceptions may occur with:

 Sabre Fencing


or email with a specific question about an event, venue rental date or workshop.

December 24 - January 6, 2023

May 15 - May 31, 2023

September 2 - 9, 2023

December 23 - January 7, 2024

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