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Hire a Dance Choreographer 
Production Manager, Artistic Designer and Light Designer


Weddings, Special Occasions or Events

We bring creativity, experience in various dance styles, a collaborative approach with over forty years in production and an extensive background in technical and artistic performance.   


Our professional guidance ensures you achieve the best results to evoke emotion and excitement for the audience. 


We deliver results so everyone involved will have an unforgettable experience that can be remembered for a lifetime.

Our Choreographer cultivates your vision with original concepts, choreography and performance art personalized and tailored to each dancers/participants abilities and preferences.


Requesting a specific dance style, lifts, props require additional fee(s) and are added to the base cost after initial consultation. 

Hiring a  Dance Choreographer includes: original concept, choreography fee, studio time, instruction and costume consultation.


Choreography Base Cost

$350         Solo Choreography ~ Two Hours

                  ($175 p/hr per participant)        

$525         Two Person/Partnering ~ Three Hours

                 ​ ($87 p/hr per participant)      

$700         Three Participants ~ Four Hours

                  ($58 p/hr per participant)       

$1,050      Small Group (Four) ~ Five  Hours

                 ($52.50 p/hr per participant)

$1,225      Small Group (Five) ~ Six Hours

                 ($40 p/hr per participant)

$1,600      Group of Six - Eight ~ Eight Hours

                 ($33 - $25 p/hr per participant)

$2,025      Group of Eight - Ten ~ Nine Hours

                 ($22.50 - $28.12 p/hr per participant)

$2,250      Large groups (10 - 12) ~ Ten Hours

                 ($18.75 - $22.50 p/hr per participant)

$3,025      Large groups (13 - 20) ~  Eleven hours

                 ($13 - $21 p/hr per participant)

Each additional hour

$150 Solo to Small Groups 

$250 Group of Six to Large group of 20




Additional Fees:

 Based on size of venue, number of participants, props and specifics that you may be wanting.

Production Management

Lighting Design

Artistic Director

For a Consultation please contact: 

Tamara Lynn (Place Hire a Choreographer in the subject field)

Include your name, contact information and a brief overview.

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